Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Gavin's Saga Continues

News from the Chronicle and the L.A. Times:

Matier & Ross tell a story of how Gavin Newsom came to admit he had a drinking problem: A meeting with John Burton, then an admission to friends and family, and then he dropped the bomb at a staff meeting. The dynamic duo also wax poetic with a description of a lonely, depressed Mayor's circuit of watering holes on the North side of town.

It's really kind of heart breaking. We're glad that Gavin has taken step #1. We just hope he doesn't let political calculations prevent him from fully coming to grips with whatever issues he has to deal with. Really, we don't hate Gavin. We just don't think he's a very good Mayor, and he'd probably be a lot happier as a dashing, philanthropic businessman.

And on a lighter note, those zany Bayview cops are dealing with Gavin's struggles with stoic maturity. See for yourself below. Actually the first 1:30 is a devastating comparison between Gavin's rush-to-judgement of the SFPD videos and his let's-not-rush-into-anything on GleeGate. After that, it's pretty much just a bunch of gloating.

Meanwhile, down south, the chickens made the L.A. Times! The Times also give a thoughtful overview of this whole mess, furthering cementing the tragic arc onto Gavin's story. (Why can't we have a paper like that?) Check out this quote from Bevan Dufty: "He has been profoundly unhappy in personal life and in aspects of his job, and that has shown," Dufty said. "He has taken umbrage at every turn. He's been disdainful of me and my colleagues. It's hard, especially since I viewed myself as an ally."

Somebody give Gav a big hug. And then take him on a long, relaxing vacation. Seriously. We don't know how much more of this we can take.

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