Monday, January 15, 2007

The Mayoral Intimidation Drinking Game

At Mayor Newsom's January 13th "Town Hall" meeting at the Richmond Community Center, he had his staff try to intimidate six protesters wearing chicken suits from entering. They wore chicken suits because Gavin has refused to meet with the Board of Supervisors like the voters asked him to in November. When the chickens tried to walk in, they were blocked by Daniel Homsey (Director of the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services) and Wade Crowfoot (previously Gavin's liaison to the Board of Supervisors, I forget what he does now). Daniel and Wade repeatedly asked the chickens to take their costumes off. But what cracked me up was their reasoning: they didn't want the chickens to disturb the "dialog" that was going to be happening. And the way they kept repeating "dialog," it was almost like they'd rehearsed it. See for yourself:

Like the SpokesChicken said, it reminded me of the Bush Administration. They seemed to think if they called it a "dialog" enough times we would all be as convinced as they were that it was actually a dialog, and not the carefully controlled and scripted event we all witnessed.

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