Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gavin's Latest Meltdown

After talking to Mayor Gavin Newsom about the Gleegate fiasco, Dan Noyes from ABC-7 asked Gavin about reports of his drinking. Here's what Gavin had to say.

See the full interview here, which includes such gems as Gavin calling Kimberly his "wife . . . ex-wife" and a veiled shout-out to Matt Gonzalez. Now some people are agreeing with Gavin that the question was a "cheap shot." I guess it might be a little sneaky, but like Dan says, several reports of Gavin's drinking are "out there." And considering the way Gavin avoids Dan Noyes, this was probably his only chance to ask. The Mayor should be able to dismiss the reports without losing his temper and storming off.

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