Thursday, February 8, 2007

Something Wonky: Gavin's Money

Excuse us if we turn away from the latest scandals for a moment, but did you ever wonder where all of Gavin's campaign contributions come from? Well, we all know that of his money to retire the '03 campaign debt, 50% came from Southern California and almost 25% came from out of state. But how about the chunk that actually comes from the City?

How's that for a broad base of support? For you numbers people, here's the data:

$ per person is the average donation per resident of the zip code. The data is from both Gavin's 2003 and 2007 campaigns as of 12/31/2006.

Who the hell are the 374 people in the 94104, and how can we get us a piece of that action? At the other end of the spectrum, if you add up all the white areas, you find 347,235 San Franciscans who don't give $2.50 about Gavin Newsom--that's 44.7% of the City. Add in the beige, and it covers 541,656 San Franciscans, or 69.7%.

Unfortunately, we couldn't get any more granular on the data than the five-digit zip codes. If anyone wants to double-check our math, please have at it. We did our best, but we might have lost track of a few of Gavin's 22,370 contributions. We apologize for having to plop the data in as an image, but blogspot and tables are not friends, and our HTML gurus are out to lunch.

And if you're wondering if he's broadened his support since he became Mayor, here's how things look for his re-election campaign.

Who's City?

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