Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Gavin's Drinking Problem and Hush Money Problem

Update 4pm: SFist and the ChronBlog have virtually every link imaginable, including links to Le Blog de San Francisco whose design we're totally biting. Sorry about that. For a laugh, check out SFist's report on Gavin on facebook. We live in strange times.

Drinking Problem:
Gavin Newsom announces he has a drinking problem and will seek counseling. Ken Garcia is at his crotchety best as he throws Gavin under the bus. SFist thinks this is another PR damage control smokescreen, but Rita still likes Gavin's blue tie. The SFGate chattering class is chattering and the SFGate 2 cents reminds us of the the onion. Fog City Journal reports that Diane Feinstein will ask Gavin to resign. (Update: Feinstein won't.) The Craigslist local politics forum is rocking.

Due to popular demand, we're reposting the video of Gavin's reaction to being asked about his drinking on January 11th:

KCBS has mp3s from Barbara Taylor and Phil Matier. Here's some excerpts from Barabara Taylor's comments:
  • "Everyone knows that the Mayor likes to have a lot of wine in the evening."
  • "We've all seen him on numerous occasions especially late in the evening in what appears to be an intoxicated state."
  • "The assumption is that he got involved with (Ruby Rippey-Tourk) one night when he was drinking." Ouch.
Previously, Team Newsom tried to sweep his drinking under the rug:
  • February 1st: KRON reports that Newsom press secretary, Peter Ragone avoided "more than half a dozen questions" before "finally insisted the Mayor doesn't have a problem with alcohol or any other substance."
  • January 11th: Dan Noyes asks Gavin about his drinking. Gavin storms off and says ABC-7 should send a different reporter to interview him.

Hush Money Problem: Meanwhile, Dan Noyes reports that the City Attorney is investigating if Gavin is violating campaign finance laws by paying off Alex Tourk with campaign funds. The City Attorney needs more details on the arrangement before it can decide.

Watch the ABC-7 news to see Noyes get this classic quote out of Gavin: "I think I've said everything I was going to say and I think you heard I said everything I was going to say, so I respect your desire not to respect my opinions and respect my right to say everything I just said."

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