Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gavin News Roundup


SFist totally busts Peter Ragone for posting comments under an assumed name! Going all the way back to last May, Peter has (allegedly) been posting as "John Nelson" or "Jonell." Not surprisingly, his posts have been supporting Gavin and calling SFist biased. Also not surprising is the fact that Peter has ignored SFist's multiple attempts to contact him.
Update: The plot thickens. Ragone claims John Nelson is his best friend and Jonell is his wife. Luke Thomas says Ragone says his privacy was invaded. Bill wonders if SFist violated their privacy policy. Stay tuned . . . .

SFist continues to be the gold standard for Gavin coverage.

ABC-7 seems to be the only local TV covering Round 1 of Question Time, with Carolyn Tyler doing an impeccable job as usual.

The Chron covers Question Time and the announcement of Gavin's 2nd Town Hall in the Bayview. (The chickens are coming! The chickens are coming!)

Dan Noyes details how media-phobic Gavin and Ragone (Gavagone?) have become. Gavin won't do one-on-one interviews, and Ragone won't even answer his phone. (He must be too busy posting on SFist.)

The Chron on Gavin's skipping the Mayor's conference for a Swiss vacation. And the Examiner editorializes with a bit of a snotty tone. The Mayor's conference is a bunch of perfervid, gold-diggers. The WEF may be passé, but at least the glitterati are more creative than those mayoral knuckle-draggers. Whatever.

The Examiner on Question Time. Hey . . . where'd they get that headline? We called dibs!

The Bay Area Reporter scores an interview with Gavin. (Maybe they can give Dan Noyes some tips.) Highlights include blatant lying about the foot patrol legislation, yet another claim that he "never dated" Brittanie Mountz, and hopes that the chickens will "take off their masks and participate."

Fog City Journal has the dirt on a heated exchange between Gavin, Aaron Peskin, and Ross Mirkarimi. Also, Tony Hall says a new poll shows Gavin's approval ratings in the high 30s. Ouch!

Over at The Wall, a couple of Gavin's 2003 precinct captains won't be signing up for Team Gavin again.

Matier and Ross on Gavin and the 49ers. Poppa York says "Hunters Point could be a viable backup site at this point," but Baby York says "Right now, it's not even a backup site." Hmmm.

The Chron's Editorial Board weighs in on the wi-fi boondoggle. According to them, we should be happy to get a measly 300 kbs (even though much of Silicon Valley is now rocking free 1 mbps wi-fi), and Internet connectivity is "an amenity, not a necessity such as water, law enforcement or sewage." That's the kind of forward thinking we've come to expect from the City's paper of record. (Oh, the shame.)

Beyond Chron starts a chorus of "Run, Matt Run." Will anyone else pick it up?

Gavin fiction! It's the first in a three-part posting of a short story imagining a Hillary-Newsom presidency! Stay tuned to A Yank in Kiwi Land for the rest of the story, as well as some good old fashioned bashing of Islam, liberals, and Che Guevara. There's only passing references to Gavin so far, but somehow we don't think this story is going to end well for our dynamic duo.

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