Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gavin's Swiss Vacation

Gavin Newsom has been in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum for ten days. In today's video, we try to imagine what he's been doing. Excuse us for poking a bit of fun at the WEF, but after we saw footage of their meetings, we couldn't help ourselves.

Supervisor Peskin put it best: "Given how important federal funding is to so many aspects of San Francisco, it seems pretty clear-cut that the place to be this week for mayors is Washington, D.C." Gavin brushed that idea off, saying he can just call up Nancy Pelosi and get all the federal money he needs. But come on, navigating the federal budget is more complicated than a couple of phone calls.

Now, we're sure that the WEF does a lot of good for the world in between all that bloviating. We're just not convinced that it's the best use of Gavin's time. Especially considering that he missed the U.S. Conference of Mayors because of it.

So while Antonio Villaraigosa was launching initiatives to fight poverty and crime, and Ron Dellums was rallying the Mayors, Gavin was giving a virtual interview in Second Life, talking about how Davos "rejuvenates and inspires him" and helps him gain a "real global perspective" and "recognize the web of mutuality." That's all fine and good. But he's been to Davos three years in a row, while he's only been to the Mayor's Conference once. San Francisco needs a Mayor that can stay focused on our City.

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