Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The GavinWatch-ABC7 Question Time Mashup

Today's video was inspired by the excellent story on the first Question Time by ABC-7's Carolyn Tyler. So we took parts of her story, mixed in a little GavinWatch fun, and topped it off with some footage from the December 7th, 2006 hearing on Question Time at the Board of Supervisors' Rules Committee. We hear from Supervisors Peskin, Elsbernd, Ammiano, and Mirkarimi, as well as Mayoral Spokesperson, Jennifer Petrucione (who must have been watching the Mayoral Intimidation Drinking Game).

The quick cuts on the Rules Committee footage might blur a little of the nuance and context of the Supervisors' comments, but we did our best to preserve the gist of their messages. It wasn't easy. You try cutting down a Board hearing into a YouTube attention span. Go watch the video yourself if you're curious, and let us know what we missed or got wrong in the comments.

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