Thursday, March 8, 2007

GavinWatch Launch Party Details

THE REAL SCANDAL? Who Gavin is Screwing OVER
GavinWatch & the League of Pissed Off Voters
When: Thursday, March 22, 7:00pm
Where: Balazo Gallery 2183 Mission at 18th St

Gavin Newsom's recent scandals have gotten a lotta media play and raised public concern about his judgment and lack of focus on his job. Meanwhile, his troubling lack of commitment to solving the city's most serious problems is being completely ignored by the media and getting no play at all.

Come join GavinWatch and the League of Pissed Off Voters at our "The Real Scandal: Who Gavin is Screwing OVER" party and learn some of the dirtier and, in our opinion, more interesting secrets about our "playa maya." All in the fun, funny, & booty-shaking atmosphere you expect from the League.

Other fun stuff:
  • Do Somethin About It: Take action in support of green energy & real violence prevention
  • "Photo-Op Mayor:" Get your picture taken w/ the Mayor (cardboard cut out)
  • Launch of the new GavinWatch website and our new street campaign
  • World Premieres of several new GavinWatch videos
  • DJs in the front & back rooms
  • Other fun & surprises!
$5 donation
No one turned away for lack of funds


Patrick Monk.RN said...

Patrick Monk.RN.

marc said...

...could we have an explanation about what the hell happened? I bet it was pro-Newsom google, right? Since your youtube, blogspot AND gmail all got deleted it seems like the only logical explanation. *total speculation.

Anonymous said...

Give us the Gavin girls! The Chron already did the piece on Jennifer, but Gavin Watch should so all the others!

Anonymous said...

GavinWatch is terrific – Fun, Great Resource!

- Gavin Newsom

David said...

Happy days are here again. One of the best Blogs around.

Patrick Monk.RN said...

Just realised that March 22 is my sweet wife Lisa's birthday and I am taking her out to dinner, what we do after is totally up to her, so in case she has 'other plans', here is my latest rant.
"The Gavin Gets Clean Charade"
I wonder if 'la blanca' is a topic that ever comes up in behind closed doors in those special 'sessions' with his personal, impartial, objective counselor/sponsor. How many of us regular Joes and Josies have spent wasted days and wasted nights convincing each other that we didn't have a 'real' problem, that we were just 'recreational' users; though I must admit that many of those were nights were wasted deliciously !. Anyone who has been around the block at least once knows that Mama Coca was the other willing participant in that now infamous menage, along with the Lady In The Sky With Diamonds. Do you think KenDoll will ever come clean on that ? But then again miracles do happen. After all Ted Swaggart was "cured" of 'homosexual tendencies' after just a few weeks of special treatment; maybe KenDoll can likewise be "cured" of delusions of grandeur, a sense of entitlement and just being a plain but pretentious a**hole; that is if he is ever in town long enough to take care of the peoples business, and meet with Mimi.
On the same topic, special treatment for the privileged. Maybe the Sacred Heart Scumbags who reportedly flashed gang signs and taunts of "415" before wilding and stomping on the preppies recently, should not be subject to the same gang ordinances as their 'lesser' brethren in BVHP, Mission, Western Addition etc; maybe all they need is to be sentenced to a couple of hours a day in their rec rooms watching Seasame Street re-runs so they can learn how to be 'nice boys' and good neighbors.
On a different topic, if you have made it this far. Free Public Transportation for the People. Of course it's a good idea. But who's gonna subsidize it ?. Logically of course it should mainly be the large Corporations and Businesses, who benefit most from having their labor force delivered to their door, and consumers to their emporiums. But can you imagine KenDoll trying to get that concept past his $pon$or$. He would surely need to devise a surreptitious scheme whereby he could directly or indirectly shift the burden to small business, neighborhoods and taxpayers. If anyone doubts that the major purpose of 'public' transportation is to service business, then I would ask, why is it that on weekends, when most of us peons have a little time to recreate or tend to personal business, that countless precious hours of freedom are wasted waiting for the bus that never seems to come, due to 'reduced service'. But then again I guess it is our fault that we can not afford, or choose, to jump in our SUV, burn up fuel, add to pollution, pay for parking, in order to get to the nearest or hippest Starbucks, Pottery Barn, Petit dejeuner place-du-jour, or Plump-Jacks.(aka "Fat-Pig")
God what a bunch of self-serving, corrupt, heartless, arrogant, mendacious mo-fo's we have in power, destroying all that is special, precious and beautiful in this once great city. We need to ACT UP locally. Take back the San Francisco Peoples House. Serve notice on the occupant of Room 200. Everyone run; Matt, Art, Angela, Tom, Ross, Chris, Danny G, Aaron, Tom 'T' Hall, et al. Let the bastards who are selling our neighborhoods and communities to the highest bidder know that we ARE mad as hell and not gonna take this shit no mo!!
OK. I'm done. Feel better now. Should be another glorious weekend. Grab your honey, what/who/ever your preferred gender/species is, take a walk or bus or bike somewhere, slow down, simply soak it in and enjoy the splendour before Newsom/Maxwell/Lennar Inc. etc. redevelop and gentrify it all and we can't afford to live here anymore..and make their lattes.. and love and care for their kids.. nurse their elders..and clean their toilets..and build their home offices..and listen to their bullshit.
Aux barricades mes amis.
Gotta cook dinner and get another glass of vino.
Love'n Justice; Peace'n Power;
GoodGod; How Aged Is He ?
Good Night.
Patrick Monk.RN. Noe Valley.