Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tune in Monday

GavinWatch will return Monday with new video content. Here's some more Gavin content to keep you satiated until then:
  • Left in SF Calls out Gavin for ignoring the recent rash of homicides. Ann Garrison from the SF Bayview weighs in with a comment calling Gavin "absolutely heartless" and calling out the Mayor and the Supervisors for selling out Bayview/Hunter's Point to Redevelopment.

  • SFGate's Culture Blog serves up a fascinating take on Gavin from Beth Spotswood. At first glance, it looks like the typically gushings of a star-struck young woman with an overview of Gavin's "big dreamer" ideas and hands-on style before moving onto swooning at his dreaminess. But dig a little deeper, and you notice a link to a BeyondChron article exposing Gavin's faux-green record, an ironic link to Gavin's feet washing photo-op, and a gleeful recap of Gav's recent midlife-crisis-like love life. Interesting stuff. It's worth reading just to get to the "Carole "Judge Judy meets Alan Dershowitz" Migden or Ross "17th century Conquistador facial hair" Mirkarimi" climax. I hope Beth keeps up with the Mayor's race throughout the year.

  • SFWillie (no, not that Willie) looks at Gleegate as a failure of the women's movement because the three people responsible are all women (Chief Fong, D.A. Harris, and Mayor Newsom), before ending with this zinger: "To call Gavin Newsom “a woman” is an insult to women everywhere, and I apologize." Ouch.

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