Friday, January 19, 2007

Gavin News Roundup

No new videos today, but stay tuned for continuing chicken and non-chicken coverage. For now, here's a quick rundown on the latest Gavin news. For being eleven months out from the election, there sure are a lot of people unhappy with the Mayor:
  • The Wall actually has some interesting content with (so far) minimal vitriol:
    • Reports of an Arthur Bruzzone op-ed in the Business Times "giving Newsom low grades as a "CEO" for San Francisco." Does anyone have the text of this?
    • And a snippet of the latest SFSOS newsletter bashing Gavin on his bungling of the 49ers and whining about "homeless, the panhandlers, the potholes, the prostitution, the drug trade, and . . . absolutely winning the War on Business."
  • In the LA Times, Gavin's spokesman, Peter Ragone claims that Ross Mirkarimi "can't walk and chew gum at the same time." You stay classy, Peter.
  • Bringing glee to SFist, Gavin's favorite tie makes an appearance and Peter Ragone (or an impostor) continues to lead the charge in defending Gavin in the comments.

  • SFMike has complete coverage of Gavin swearing in a bunch of commissioners. Be sure to check out Gavin's admission that he was unqualified when he was appointed by Willie Brown to the Parking and Traffic Commission back in the day.
  • From the Chron, Gavin told a bunch of corporate fat cats that the City's economy is peachy. My favorite line: "Newsom rattled off a number of statistics that he said reflect San Francisco's economic upswing." Say what you will about Gav, but he can rattle off statistics like nobody's business.
  • Gavin gets pissy and misleading about foot patrols - Gavin thinks this question is important enough to put on the ballot: "shall the Board of Supervisors of the city and county of San Francisco tell the police captains in every district how to protect the public, or shall the police captains, lieutenants and sergeants make that determination?"

    But if Gavin took the time to read the foot patrol ordinances he vetoed, he would know that they give the police broad discretion in how to staff and deploy foot patrols. From the ordinance: "The officer in charge at each station during the swing and night watches would have discretion to selection which beat to staff with an officer on foot patrol." (It kind of sounds like his failure to read all of Prop J.) Stay tuned for in-depth coverage of Gavin's mishandling of the police and crime.
Did we miss anything? Post in the comments any other juicy Gavin news.

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