Friday, February 2, 2007

What's next?

Update 5:15pm: Fog City Journal reports that the City Attorney refered questions to a private attorney who said "if both parties are willing, there's nothing illegal about sleeping with a subordinate." SFMike paints a vivid picture in words and photos of the vibe in City Hall today.

Over at BeyondChron, Randy Shaw reports that "neither city department heads nor the mayor can have a sexual relationship with a subordinate under city ethics laws, as well as under state sexual harassment law. That’s what will likely lead City Attorney Dennis Herrera to file charges against Newsom by the end of the week."

Fog City Journal reports that "Sources reveal a sexual harrassment lawsuit is being considered by Ruby Tourk against the Mayor's Office and/or the City of San Francisco."

Ken Garcia contributes this tidbit: "Ruby Tourk took a leave of absence for nearly three months last year before returning briefly and then going off to work for Benefit magazine." If Ruby Rippey-Tourk is considering a retaliation lawsuit, we've been told that the statute of limitations is six months from when she left the job. Reportedly she left for the leave of absence around mid-May. That suggests that she left for good around August or September. That would place the deadline for filing a retaliation suit around February or March. If anyone has any clarification about any of that, please post in the comments. Stay tuned . . . .

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